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Never miss a client review again

Easy for you, Easy for your clients

Automatic review requests including alerts that keep you in control. Your clients don’t need a login so it’s the easiest review they’ll ever write.


your data

Login to RateMyAgent and connect your buyer & seller details from your TMS.


your timing

Choose between immediate sends or a 48-hour buffer, so you can cancel or edit the request.


your email

Add a personalized template for your review requests, to add some of your personality.


your reviews

Sit back, relax and enjoy your steady feed of verified reviews, which you can share too!

You are always in control

Defaults to a 48-hour delay from closing. We’ll let you know before we send.

Option to edit or cancel any request within the 48 hour window.

Personlize your review request messaging.

Why use Easy Reviews

Never forget to request a review again.

Less time on admin, more time with your clients.

Experience RateMyAgent’s industry-leading review conversion rates.

Win business with verified reviews

Every review you received social proof that helps build your repeat and referral business.

Share your reviews on all your favourite platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram and your own website.

Boost your ranking on Google with a steady stream of verified reviews.